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Welcome Drinks- is the party over before it’s begun?

July 27, 2023

Picture this.

You’re going to your friends wedding. You spend the morning travelling, getting ready, hair, nails- the whole thing. The ceremony is at 2.30pm, maybe you skip lunch because it’s a long drive there, probably left your water bottle behind too…

You wait for the glowing Bride in the sunshine, she’s 15 minutes late but it’s worth the wait and they’re married! Happy tears all around. But now it’s after 3pm. And that 8am breakfast feels like a lifetime ago.

And now, you find out drinks don’t start for another hour. But you’re in a garden in the middle of nowhere! And in that one moment, the party is over for your guests before it’s even begun.

The Bubbly Bike

Fortunately, I have an answer for this oh so common dilemma! The magical Welcome Drinks hour.

A little bit more special than tinnies out of any esky (although lets be honest, thats better than nothing right?) and honestly, the key to a feel good party that everyone enjoys.

You can go basic with beer and sparkling or all out with some signature cocktails. How fancy you want it is totally up to you, but the crucial element here is the flow of the wedding, keeping your guests hydrated and mingling too while you can go for a few special moments and some gorgeous photos with your new other half.

Our cute little Bubbly Bike is a great add on for this special drinks hour- not only is she absolutely functional, but she comes with a minimum of 2 bartenders to ensure all the glasses are refilled, the mess is tidied away (keeping that beautiful event styling looking beautiful!) and all the drinks are kept cold. And better than that? It means that Uncle Gary or your generous friend who offered to help, can enjoy the party as much as the next person without having to spend their time doing all the heavy lifting!

Our Mission Statement is to make serving exceptional drinks to your guests both easy and hassle-free. Wedding planning feeling a bit tricky? Let us take a few things off your mind.

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