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Maddy and Lachy- The Sugar Wharf, April 2023

June 2, 2023

The Sugar Wharf- honestly has legendary status amongst the wedding venues of the Far North.

Long, long ago we were allowed to drive the truck right onto the Wharf- seems mad now!  But as with historic buildings, the council has put some regulations in place to protect this beauty, which sadly means no more vehicles.

But we are stoked to still be able to service this beautiful spot with our Bartender Only Service.  Hire a bar from one of the many wonderful hire companies around  (this one below is from Port Douglas Weddings and Hire)- and just like in our other service options, we’ll do the rest!

The Sugar Wharf, Port Douglas

Our featured wedding this month, still seems so fresh in my memory, probably because it was only back in April- but I just couldn’t resist featuring it today!

The beautiful (and fun!) wedding of Maddy and Lachy.  Never, in a long history of pouring drinks, have I ever poured so many glasses of champagne!  These guys, and their friends, just love a bubbles and tbh same…

Things we loved about this big day:

  1. Table Centrepieces from the family farm, hand painted by the family and carefully shipped to FNQ, so unique and so beautiful!
  2. Cocktail Hour!  With cocktails named after the couples dogs!  As a dog person this is SO something I would do!
  3. Welcome Drinks Champagne Wall- such a great idea to welcome people into your event.  Unfortunately, rain slightly dampened the sparkles (and that why there aren’t photos!) but it still looked great and was super functional.
  4. Flexibility of the venue- see above…it was raining!  But luckily the whole event was easily moved indoors so you hardly even noticed the showers outside.
  5. Dance Floor was on point- we love a party and Andrea Allumay really kept the floor busy!  Might have had something to do with the Espresso Martini’s too 😉



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