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Craft Beer for your wedding?

April 18, 2024

When we built our mobile bar back in 2015, adding in beer taps was a non-negotiable.

I mean, who wouldn’t want cold, freshly poured and locally sourced beer at their wedding?

But while beer is probably something that’s on your wedding planning to do list, sourcing somewhere local and then going through the dilemma of working out how many kegs to buy, how they work and then what to do with them afterwards is gonna end up right in the ‘too hard basket’.

There are SO many reasons to have beer on tap at your wedding, and it’s not hard. I’ll tell you how.

I mean, I probably don’t have to tell the beer drinkers around here, but there is something particularly delicious about a freshly poured schooner of cold draught beer on a hot day.

Other than the obvious deliciousness though, tap beer can often save you a few $$$ on your wedding beer too!  And saving money on beer is always something to consider.

We are fortunate in Cairns to have some great local breweries around, supplying fantastic local, craft beer at reasonable prices.  It is often lower is preservatives (or even preservative free!), so your hangover will thank you and it’s also such a great way of minimising waste at your event.  Have you ever seen how much waste 15 cartons of beer creates?  It’s A LOT!

Some breweries worth considering are:

Red Dragon Brewery in Portsmith

Macalister Brewing Co in Smithfield

Copperlode Brewing Co

Coral Sea Brewing

Barrier Reef Brewing

If you would like to have it at your wedding, it is as simple as choosing which one you’d like and we’ll do the rest!  Including estimating how many kegs are required, transporting them if required and returning the kegs afterwards too.

Oh and did I mention how delicious a cold schooner is? The beer drinkers will thank you.



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