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Welcome to the blog.

A personal vendetta against the ‘Black Tablecloth’ Bar Service

March 15, 2024

One of the main reasons for starting our Mobile Bar was that we really didn’t like attending beautiful events, (and I’m talking show-stopping events, perfectly executed, planned to perfection style events) where the bar was just a table with a black tablecloth.

Maybe you like the black tablecloth look?  Well you’d probably have been happy at these events!  But we always felt that the look of the bar let down the event. Why make something so functional and important to the event look just *SO* boring.

Thankfully it seems like those black tablecloth days are long gone and now there are oh-so-many beautiful bars available to hire and whatever your style, there’s something for you!

And while our truck bars are lovely, we’re the first to acknowledge that they are also not always that practical…

So for those events where our trucks don’t work-for whatever reason that may be- we also offer Bartending Services.

The same great Bedford Bar Service, along with the ease that comes with hiring a professional team to take on your beverage catering.  We’ll bring everything we need (except the alcohol of course), even the kitchen sink (and don’t forget the bin!) to create flawless and fun drinks experience for you and your guests.

We can tend almost any flat surface, whether thats a gorgeous pop up bar, kitchen bench top or something built in (yes and that pop up table with the tablecloth if thats what you like!)

Packages start from as low as $1200 for 4 hours of service.




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